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The Rigidam system is a hard panel, removable flood barrier system. The panels are constructed of high strength aluminum components, and are edged by a gasket material that produces a water tight seal. The system is attached to the structure by pre-installed anchors and screws, and does not require a permanent frame attached to the building. The barriers are designed to protect buildings up to a water level of 7-6. Individual panels can be joined together to cover any width horizontally.

Stop Log

Removable Aluminum Flood Barriers
Gasketed Aluminum Stop Log System
Suggested Specifications

Single Flood Door

Floodbreak is a revolutionary flood barrier that automatically rises in times of flooding to protect your property. It can be placed in front of any opening and be designed for any flood water level.


The Rapidam system is a revolutionary patented system that uses the waters own weight and force to form a watertight barrier. Its attributes are that it is a lightweight, modular system, which sections can be zipped together to form any length, shape, or configuration. Due to the materials and design, it only takes a few people to completely install almost any project in a short period of time. When the need for the system has ended, it can be easily washed down and folded back up for the next emergency.

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